Almuhaseb 1  is the perfect solution for you “our client “ business owner as well as for you who  want to arrange your personal accounts.

 You’ll find that  Almuhaseb1  meets  your needs  as a small enterprise handling  daily entries and financial vouchers  so that you can easily specify your  financial position or display  account statement for  one of your clients  or vendors by pressing a button  as a result of automatic posting for inventory transactions values ​​such as  delivery, sales, returns  as well as cash vouchers. Furthermore,,  you can  review your  balance sheet  or profit and loss statement at any time  during the fiscal year.

You can communicate with Technical Support of  Almuhaseb 1 via e-mail:

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Dear user

We offer you this accounting software (Almuhseb 1) because we realize that the accounting transactions form a cognitive and professional need as an employer. Almuhaseb 1 team  has spent  a long time to work hard you can achieve a lot of your goals easily.
The great success you have achieved  is that you began your economic  activity and joined  to  your business.

Therefore, you  have to take care  of  your clients , services , market, goods and management of this project in which you put money, efforts and ideas. And We  have to make you the first accountant in your facility or project.

Secrets of Profession

This is the financial accounting with  theoretical concepts  and  practical apaplications in (Almuhaseb 1 ) software,  which we offer for  you with the following components:-

– User manual.

  •  Help  and support via  the website
  •  Almuhaseb 1  CD  to be installed on your computer.


Whether you are an accountant, not, employee or employer, you will deal with bills and vouchers, receivable  accounts and activity reports via  Almuhaseb. furthermore, you will learn a lot in  the profession secrets with  summary of experts and ease of technology.

What You Will Achieve?

The most important characteristics of Almuhaseb 1 is that it is user-friendly, multi-currency, multi-branch, multi-user, and multi-language. Moreover, you will carry out many of accounting transactions through which including:


Assess the overall situation of your activity by displaying your balance sheet or profits at any time Precision Rather Than Errors


Reduce inventory damage and errors by dividing inventory, differentiating items and tracking item transaction.


Display accounts statements of clients or vendors, and monthly or daily transactions reports.


Automatic posting for transactions values ​​ to record them in the related accounts.


Handling vouchers, bills and journal entries, sales entries, inventory entries, or returns entries.

Accuracy rather than errors

Your decision to shift to technology and use Almuhaseb 1  means that you have decided to develop and organize  the procedures of your financial and accounting transactions:

  •  in shorter time, less cost, and simpler effort.
  • in organization   instead of disorder, precision rather than errors, and carrying out tasks rather than delaying.

Thank you for choosing  Almuhaseb 1  and taking the  opportunity  to be one of the reasons for your success. You have become the first accountant in your facility  whether you are the manager, accountant or specialist. You have also achieved  the first success by using a coherent system in your management, and we invite you to continue with this approach to achieve your activity growth and development as well as double your resources.

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