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Frequent Questions

Common mistakes that may arise in  Almuhaseb 1 because of an error in installation, lack of some files,  or  incomprehension for  the way of  using certain screen may be one of the following points:

1- Restore backup to another branch

Solution: Make sure that  the copy  is for the same branch.



2- How Can I enter the opening balances of accounts?

Solution: download the attached file to have complete explanation download file



3- Solution for  the problem of disappearing Arabic language and  the appearance of question marks ?????????????? in Almuhaseb 1:
  •  In Windows XP: Go to Control Panel - Language Options and regional settings – Administrative Tab- choose Arabic (Yemen). This serves to change the language of Non-Unicode Program and texts in order  not to appear as question marks.
  •  In Windows 7.0: Go to Control Panel - Language Options and Regional settings - Administrative Tab - Pressure on (Change system Locale) and then choose Arabic (Yemen). This  serves  to change the language of Non-Unicode Program and texts in order  not to appear as question marks.

 4- Solution for  the problem of appearing DD/MM/YY notification,  Software date must be in format Day-Month-Year:

  • In Windows XP: Go to Control Panel - Language Options and regional settings – Administrative Tab - Regional Options Tab - choose Arabic (Yemen). This serves to change date format.
  • In Windows 7.0: Go to Control Panel - Language Options and Regional settings - Administrative Tab - Formats and Location Tabs- choose Arabic (Yemen) in the two tabs. This serves to change date format.

5- Solution for  the problem of appearing Run Time Error Invalid Password notification:

Delete software meaning delete database and reinstall software so that data will be coded in the chosen language and then software will be run without appearing Run Time Error Invalid Password notification.



6- I have official vouchers on which company data and logo are printed. Can I print  the vouchers and reports  in Almuhaseb 1 without showing data available  in Almuhaseb 1?

Yes, we can do it.



7- I have issued an invoice of  sales and when I posted it an error notification saying “Group 001 doesn’t include sales account in S.R currency” appears?

Add an account with Saudi Riyal in Chart of Accounts in revenue side, a sub-account. However, accounts of link that you link in Groups Data Screen will be a main account under which a sub-account in Saudi Riyals.



8- When carrying out the annual closing successfully according  to  instructions How do I enter transactions related to to the new year as the system is unable to record entries in  New Year date  since the system date is still in the date of the closed old year and also all reports are related to the old year?

When you open a new year and carry out complete closing, you have to log in  New Year from  the main log in  screen by inputting  the branch number that you have  entered when creating the new year and not No. 1 then  you'll see the New Year when you log in system through opening balances directly.



9- When I run Almuhaseb 1 System question mark appears ??????????

Go to Control Panel - language and regional settings and then change language to Arabic Yemen.



10-  Is it possible to update data from  Almuhaseb 1 to Almotakamel?

Yes, you can update and transfer data from Almuhaseb 1 to Almotakamel.



11- How I can insert the opening balances into accounts and inventory in Almuhaseb 1?

The opening balances can be inserted into the opening balances by creating daily entry No. 1  for accounts and inventory delivery order for inventory  balances.



12-  Does Almuhaseb 1 allow creating  independent final financial statements for each branch so that each branch is regarded as an independent financial entity from the other branch and its thus accounts, chart of accounts, and statements are regarded independent of the other?

Yes, it allows that.



13.  Can Almuhaseb 1 be used  on more than one computer linked by internal  network or something like that?

Almuhaseb 1  system does not run through network only  take  a shortcut  from server  to the terminal computers. Then you can connect to the server from terminal computers via Remote Desktop Connection.



14.  When printing system reports, the  notification “This object invoked from its client” appears?

You must log in to the system, go to Control tab, choose branches maintenance, edit and add your organization's logo,  then save.



15.  There is a problem in sales invoice screen when you go by tab to quantity and price, the mouse pointer moves to the item  under which as well as the notification “control array appear element9 does not exist”?

First, there is no problem because a default  amount  of one is  taken and the price that has been defined in advance.  

Second, the appearance of notification “control array element 9 does not exist” is a just warning (i.e) current sales screen doesn’t accept more than nine items and you must move via the arrow shown at the screen bottom to open a new page.



16.  How can I sell an item in minus. For example,   while Mary Biscuit is actually available in stores but this item balance is zero in the system (if I want to issue an invoice comprises of 30 items including the biscuit for a client, the system will reject this transaction as its balance is zero and not saved while  I want the system  to accept selling this item in minus as well as  I do not want to  cancel the whole invoice and be forced to cancel the invoice because of this item ... (Mary Biscuits) . What is the solution?

First, Almuhaseb 1  system operates in perpetual stocktaking  way. Thus, it is wrong to sell quantities in minus.

Second,  the item of zero quantity in warehouses, you  don’t  need to cancel the invoice. However, you can delete the item of zero quantity by pressing F6  in  Item Number field. After, the item’s required quantity is available, you can modify  and add this item  in the invoice, but only provided that there is no incoming transaction for this item after the invoice date.



17.   Is it possible to open or cancel annual closing?

It is not possible to cancel the annual closing.



18.  I've downloaded Almuhaseb 1 system from YemenSoft website and want to  know the working period of this system?

The System can be trustfully run non-stop all the time.



19.  System has been  successfully downloaded, but when I open it warning notifications of “Almuhaseb 1 has no database” appear twice?

In this case, you should install Almuhaseb1 on C or  D disk by choosing root drive.



20.  When I run Almuhaseb 1  notification “incorrect path”  appears

 Solution: You should drag the shortcut from the folder “YSMuhaseb” so that executive folder shortcut “Mohaseb1” place is changed from the disk on which Almuhaseb 1 has been installed.



21.  When I run Almuhaseb 1  notification “Could not find file ......”  appears

 Solution: The file  Mohaseb1 is not available in the accounting system so that you must  make sure that is available in YSMuhaseb folder.



22.  Database has been corrupted”

 Solution: You should restore the backup.



23.  System is unavailable on desktop

 Solution: You should re-drag the shortcut



24.   Notification (File not found) when you display  one of the reports

 Solution: You should reinstall system from the original disk.



25.  The Company basic data are incorrect

 Solution: It should be fixed from  Branch Data, System Administration



26.   Notification “Microsoft Jet Access” appears

 Solution: You should reinstall Microsoft Office



27.   Dll files are unavailable *

 Solution: Reinstall system from the original disk.



28.   Ocx is unavailable.*

 Solution: The system should be reinstalled from the original disk.



29.   When system runs, it disappears from the screen

 Solution: The system should be reinstalled from the original disk.


30.  There is not enough space in the disk

Solution: The hard disk on which fav6 should be cleared.



31.  System data appear in form of a question mark

Solution: Arabic language should be set from Language encoding options,  regional options in language encoding options



32.  Date format is incorrect

Solution: The date should be corrected from Regional Settings so that the date format will be  DD / MM / YYYY as explained in Quick Installation Guide



33.  Password is incorrect

Solution: make sure that alphabets are not capital during using English language, or  send e-mail to website technical support team on the address shown below this page.



34.  When I press the system  icons, they do not work

Solution: Reinstall the system from the original disk.



35.  This element is unavailable in this group

Solution: The system is reloaded from the original disk.


36.   The index is unavailable in the table

Solution:  Fix this problem by using the instrument sent via email from website  technical support.



37.  When I  request balance of the subsidiary accounts, the balance appears incorrect

Solution: Since the sub-accounts are not in one rank



38.  Date of system appears in the past century

Solution: Modify date from Regional Settings



39.  Notification “Out Of Memory” appears

 Solution: Reinstall system from the original disk.


40.  Some fields in Daily Entries disappear

 Solution: Reinstall system from the original disk.


41.  System resources have been exceeded

Solution: There is a problem in windows


42.  The group does not have account in currency ...

Solution: Make sure that sub-accounts of accounting groups have been entered in Chart of Accounts  accounting groups


43.  Activation order number of  the program does not appear in online registration screen

Solution: Make sure of  computer administrator in Windows so that the user must inside the powers in the operating system is to be Administrator or the powers that be Windows version is greater than Windows98 and less of Windows Vista


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