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Question and Answer

1.1.2. Many small businesses cannot acquire some of YemenSoft  software such as Onyx Pro or even Almotakamel  because it still in the stage of start and probably do not need all functions  available in the above software. Due to the importance of information systems in the development of business sector as this type of software is very useful for businessman, who starts his business,  to save his money and control his inventory. There is no doubt that any businessman who starts his business and follows this behavior in keeping his money will have big opportunity for  growth and expansion, and  we have many experiences from  our clients who have used our software and achieved rapid growth.

1. What are the company goals to offer this free version

1.1.The Community goal is to contribute in finding alternative opportunities  for new graduates who don’t find  jobs  whether the graduates of accounting or information technology. Accordingly, the company provides  free training  courses for youth who want to take advantage of Almuhaseb 1 sale and implementation for the small institutions to their favor and this will bring them self-sufficiency.

1.2. Marketing Goal

1.2.1. Individuals who engage in the first partnership program with YemenSoft company and after they achieved good income themselves,  they will be active partners for YemenSoft company and distributors for  all software of YemenSoft company will be YemenSoft in the market according to  rule of  benefit for all.

1.2.2. Companies that use the free system “Almuhaseb1” of YemenSoft company would have  a good opportunity to know the quality extent of YemenSoft software  and thus would be a strong  incentive in the future to buy the other software of YemenSoft.

2. Who is targeted by this system or any sector or category of institutions could use this system

2.1. Institutions and individual offices

2.2. Shops and factories

2.3. Distribution offices for companies

2.4. Small businesses that do not have branches and have  limited number of employees

3. What is the company benefit from this system as it can be downloaded free

In order to achieve popularity, many companies havebudgets for advertising and marketing. We from our long experience and the nature of our products where marketing and advertising don’t work  as using and practicing these type of products is important to be convinced of it. Therefore, all who use this product with no doubt many of them will expand and develop so  they will have more desire to deal with the same company they know  the quality of its products.

4. How much it will  cost the organization that acquires this system if the owner did not have knowledge of computer

Of course, we trained many engineers and accountants in the market and who receive between 200 $  to 300 $. 

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